Creative Ways To Brand Your Company Through Videos

Technology has connected the world in so many amazing ways. Online businesses have sprouted from different corners of the world, thanks to the Internet. While it is true that anyone can now start a business online, whether it’s an online coaching business, blogging or selling products, marketing your business is extremely important to be successful in this endeavor.

If you want to achieve a greater following for your website or make your business be known to a greater audience, one of the most effective and efficient ways to promote your products and services is through a video. In 2013, it is found out that 87% of marketers have used some forms of video promotion to market their brands to their customers.


Let us be honest, reading contents online can be boring and eye-straining to a certain extent for everyone. This is not to say that the content is not informative or interesting enough, but sometimes, the aesthetics of the websites (font and font size, the background of the website, ads, etc.) can be distracting. This is why using a video to promote your businesses online is better for your customers.

San Diego video production company says that another positive outcome of using video as a branding strategy is that you can place in more information about the products and services your company offers. You can start a contest for your website, provide an overview of what your product or service is about or start a live event or webinar for your customers. The possibilities are endless!


            There are plenty of video promotion formats you can use to market your business. These video formats are extremely interactive and will surely give you the marketing boost you need for your products and services to connect with your clients. A great number of these video formats can be produced for free, while others may need some graphics experts to make the videos for you.

  1. Animation

Animation videos are always eye-catching and entertaining. Animation videos are best to use for companies or businesses that are quite complex in nature to explain. If you want to share your knowledge in Mathematics or talk about the newest scientific discovery, opting for an animated video is your best bet. And besides, who doesn’t like animations?  Video animations are usually produced by someone skilled in computer graphics. You can make it on your own if you know how to use video editing software or hire someone to do it for you.

  1. Vlog (Video blog)

This is great for a company or business who has good numbers of following on their social media platforms –Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can upload your video on Youtube or use other video platforms to share to your audience your latest product or service to offer. Many online coaches use this strategy as video production is inexpensive and it is readily available upon the use smartphone or camera wherever you are. 

  1. Product Reviews and Testimonial

Product reviews and testimonial videos are usually made for products. Companies will send in products to certain famous people and let them use it. This is another effective way to promote the said product because someone popular already has his/her following on social media. If you choose to use this method, you may have to pay some people to do the productions for you.

  1. Webinars (Web seminars)

Webinars has opened a whole lot of doors for connecting with people throughout the globe. Google Hangouts is a great tool to conduct your online seminar to your clients. This real-time interaction is amazing as it will help connect you personally to your clients. You will be able to answer their question in live sessions. This is also an inexpensive way to promote your products and services online.

  1. Short scripts

Short scripts is also a great way to promote your business online. It is mainly a short video that has fun and informative storyline, just like a television commercial –only shorter and with less production editing and assistance.


Now that you know the different ways you can use a video to promote your brand online, try one of these video formats and see the difference!