Why Your Company Should Use Video Advertising

Video advertising is completely changing the game for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and now is the time to get involved and really capture the minds of your audience. Video advertising was once only available to large companies who had the money to pay for television commercials, but with the popularity of the internet, now anyone can use video advertising. Here are the benefits of using this medium to promote your business, and why you should use it now to change the game for your company.

Video advertising stands out.

We’ve likely all experienced it as internet users – you’re mindlessly scrolling or clicking when a video ad pops up. Even if you end up closing it after a few seconds, it still sticks out in your mind and captures your attention in a way that a still ad would not. By creating a short video advertisement that really hooks the viewer in, you can stay on the minds of anyone who visits that site.

Video ads are relatable and engaging.

Especially when done creatively, video ads are very engaging, and they help viewers connect with your brand on a more personal level than other types of ads do. This is because videos are very easy for viewers to imaging themselves as a part of, whereas still ads are more difficult to connect with. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial for video ads to have a good concept that legitimately grabs the interest of viewers.

Video makes your company more credible in the eyes of your audience.

Video advertising evokes an inherent professionalism that is hard to develop with other mediums. Video shows your audience that you are creative and dedicated to informing them and keeping them involved. Because of this, people who see your ad are going to be more likely to remember your brand, and they are also going to be more likely to purchase from it.

Videos are SEO gold.

Google loves websites with videos, so if you put a clip on your site, it will show up much higher than a similar site with the same keywords that does not. Because of this, just having a video can get your business a huge amount of exposure, regardless of what the video is. Once your video gets people to your site, be sure to keep them there with great content.

You don’t have to be a huge, nationally recognized brand to put together a great video ad. Our video production company puts together ads and other video content for companies of all sizes, regardless of their current level of exposure or experience. If you’re interested in getting started with a video ad, contact us to find out more.